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Hi, I'm Yuan Chiang, the author of Mindful Flexibility. (Looking to contact me?)

I am a big believer that success defined as the the amount of money in our bank account is not the right way to go, but rather satisfaction from a balanced, healthy life, good relationships, and a raison d'être.



As a software engineer by trade, I spent a lot of time time sitting in front of a computer since I am 15.

That's me when I was 19 years old. I weighted around 55kg (120 pounds) and never did any kind of physical exercise for most of my life until my mid twenties.

There was a year where I only took 3 holidays (including Sundays) and worked non-stop for 14 hours a day.

Needless to say, my physical health deteriorated very fast and the bomb finally went off when panic attacks forced to take a break.

Born With No Talent

In school, I was frequently being told that physical strength, flexibility, and overall physical well-being was not meant for me. Hence, the reason why I decided to go into software engineering.

A Life of Pain

Sitting for around 12 hours a day obviously had a big impact on my already bad physical health.

I suffered from lower back pain almost daily for more than ten years.

Physical pain seriously affected my health and mood.

Some days simply being able to walk without pain was a blessing.

My Journey

I always dreamed of having good physical health.

I realized that without good health, nothing really matters.

One day I simply decided to give up all I had and go for it.

I tried many things and some worked well.

Some actually made it worse since were not designed for people who did not frequently exercise.

Injury and pain were part of the process, a blessing in disguise.

I am in my thirties now, free from pain and injury-free.

The hardest to deal with for me was lower back pain.

Now, I am happy to say that I have been free from lower back pain for a long time:

Mindful Flexibility

Modern lifestyle adds a big amount of physical and mental stress in our lives.

Kids are extremely flexible and energetic, and my goal is to bring youth to your body by releasing tension and improving your mobility.


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